Village Volvo

Topics: Customer, Automobile, Customer service Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: October 22, 2008
Village Volvo is a repair shop catering to out-of-warranty Volvos. The supporting facilities include a Butler building. This building is a prefabricated metal structure that has four work bays. Other facilities in place include an office, a waiting area, and a storage room. The waiting room is equipped with a television set, soft drinks vending machine, and comfortable chairs. Facilitating goods are the auto parts that are used to replace worn-out and cumbersome parts. Other facilitating goods include the coffee, soft drinks, magazines and local newspapers that are provided for customers who are waiting. Information regarding the problems of a vehicle is provided by the client and it is discussed with the mechanic who will be working on the vehicle. The Customer Care Vehicle Dossier (CCVD) is another source of information; the CCVD is a continuing file on each vehicle Village Volvo services. This file helps the mechanic diagnose problems as well as provide a convenient record if a vehicle is returned for warranty services on an earlier repair. One of the explicit services provided by Village Volvo is a smooth running vehicle after tune-up, test drives are done after repair to ensure that vehicles are running as expected. Another explicit service is clean cars after the repair is done. Village Volvo takes care to keep the car clean throughout the repair process; also the insides of the car are vacuumed as courtesy to their customers. Availability is also another explicit service of Village Volvo. They set aside specific times each weeks for clients to drive in for quick routine services. Village Volvo also see to it that mechanics do not do any repairs between 7 to 8 am, and 5 to 6 pm as these are heavy customer contact hours. Implicit services include good attitude of mechanic, the comforts of the waiting area, and the convenience of the services offered. Mechanics take time to discuss problems with their clients; they even take a short test drive with the...
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