Vigor Skin Care Write Up

Topics: Management, Marketing, Leadership, Brand, Customer service, Strategic management / Pages: 6 (1402 words) / Published: Nov 3rd, 2011
This case study is focused on a company called Vigor Skin Care. Initially known as the “sleeping dog,” Vigor was barely raking in a profit during its initial years of development. However four years ago, Peter Markles, the current head of Vigor, accepted the challenge of reviving the company. Markles first step in solving this problem was forming a team whose members were committed towards achieving a common goal; bringing success to Vigor. In addition to Markles, Sandy Fryda, Vigor’s marketing director, and Josh Bartola, a creative entrepreneur at Vigor, became the constituents of “Fearsome Threesome.” All three members contributed to the team in different ways. Markles was the overseer of all the operations while Fryda helped them avoid lawsuits and other potential issues from corporate headquarters, and Josh continuously worked on new product ideas. Each member brought his/her strength to the team, which enabled them to take the company to new heights. Through their hard work and commitment over four years they were able to establish a new product line called “Ageless Vigor.” The success of this line enabled them to earn profits and eventually receive the Companies highest award of performance. However, Vigor’s success is quickly coming to a stop. These last two months Vigor has not been performing and the Fearsome Threesome has encountered numerous unanticipated problems. These setbacks include one of their products being out of stock for three weeks, higher actual costs and slower production for their new product, and lastly issues with suppliers and quality controls. The central issue, however, is that the Fearsome Threesome team itself has lost its momentum. Bartola is becoming more interested in developing products for other companies and is therefore investing less time expanding Vigor. Fryda on the other hand is burnt out from working long hours these past four years and is having difficulty accomplishing tasks in a timely manner. The resulting problems

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