Vignette 1.1

Topics: Laws of thermodynamics, Employment, Generation Y Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: June 7, 2009
Vignette 1.1 Global Integration in Action
Vignette 1.1 is information regarding the career development at IBM. The vignette looks at the connection between career development, retention, and work flows. The vignette points out that work will flow to the places that it is best performed. This is very true as a customer is going to seek out the vendor that best meets it needs and level of quality expected. IBM is examining what would draw the best employees so that they may produce the best work output. Questions

1. How do the three laws of global integration apply to career development? The first law of global integration is the law of economics. This law pertains to the supply and demand of the workforce. This would be integrating with career development by dictating how much work is being brought into the company. If demand is low, but supply is high then a company is going to have to make changes which may involve some negative paths for career development. The second law is the law of expertise. This law basically pertains to making sure that each employee is correctly placed within the workforce at that their skills are being utilized to their highest potential. The third law is the law of openness. This law is the search for the candidate that not only fits with the company’s values, but that has the knowledge and skills to fit the position for which they are applying. 2. How attractive is the new career development model for the new millennium generation of knowledge workers? IBM has done a great job in understanding the new millennium generation and what they are seeking for career development. They have utilized six parts to build their program. Those six parts include: personalized learning, pervasive mentoring, expertise management, career tracks, my development, and blue pages. The personalized learning is great as many new millennium generations like the changes of both formal and informal learning environments. The blue...
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