Views on Food Stamps

Topics: Unemployment, Barack Obama, United States Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: January 16, 2014


Elishia Williams

In the past 40 years the United States have grown over 1 million people every day. They have stuck out there hand to make an effort to those who were in need of food shelter. However if you had low income you would be on welfare and food stamps. A lot has changed since the economy began to suffer. The United States has managed to take away benefits if the person doesn’t have job or make a certain amount of money in the household. With this being said the United States needs their welfare program so they can help people with their disabilities.

Last month there was a change in the system of welfare about not being able to receive benefits for families unless he or she has a job. The government will take away the benefits starting in august 2013. People who can’t work aren’t allowed to be approved for food stamps. If they have disabilities they can use that to say that they are supported. In July of 2013 for students you must be working for a minium of 20 hours to receive benefits. (FoodStampBenefitApp2).They felt that some people were dishonest about needed the extra help. President Barack Obama proposed in 2010 stated that he was planning to expand the welfare system. “The average amount of money spent on 131.9 billion annually on welfare not including food stamps and unemployment.” (Callahan4).

For example, a man recently applied for disability but however it has been 5 months since he received his reply from the hearing statement. His family has had food stamps for 3 years and as a whole they receive 500 dollars for food stamps. Food stamps were at almost 46 billion of government spending. (Callahan4). While applying for welfare you must know the income of everyone in your family as a whole. The government has a way of bringing the economy back by making U.S.c Citizens pay taxes. The government itself has several different aspects they spend on, like education,health,social security, and food...

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