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Topics: Sociology, Embryonic stem cell, Stem cell Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: January 4, 2010
Every day we have to decipher the information provided to us. The manner in which a sociologist would do this can be done using 3 different theories: conflict theory, functional analysis, and symbolic interactionism. Lets us use embryonic stem cell research as an ethical dilemma to apply these three theories. Before applying our theories it will be helpful to explain the meaning of them. Conflict theorists impress that society is made up of a system of social structures that compete with each other for scarce resources. Life the conflict theory, the functional analysis sees society as a system of interrelated parts, or subsystems. But in order for society to work as a unit all of those subsystems have to work together. The third perspective used by sociologist is symbolic interationism and that is that we as humans use symbols to understand and develop views of the world and to communicate with others when defining both our-self concept and concept of others. To explain why embryonic stem cell research is debated, conflict theorists focus on the ethical issues that have been raised regarding stem cell research. Because stem cells are derived from the cells of embryos and fetuses serious debates sparked regarding ethical concerns about the use of these cells in research and treatments. But the National Institutes of Health have released guidelines regarding their use. However the guidelines have not necessarily alleviated all of the ethical issues raised the Nationals Institutes of Health is now the small group controlling the recourses. Applying the functional analysts’ perspective to the embryonic stem cell research opponents is a little different. Remembering that with this approach society is a whole unit that works together. To allow such research that requires the destruction of human embryos, mo matter how noble the purpose may be, is to treat that human person as merely a mean to an end of an unrelated issue and disregarding the well-being of...
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