Views of George Murdock

Topics: Family, Cultural anthropology, Anthropology Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: May 22, 2012
Anthropologist George Murdock gathered information from studies previous anthropologist have done using hundreds of groups around the world (page 56).  They compared several areas of customs.  It seems that although several customs such as incest taboos, toilet training, marriage and others were in some way apart of each culture they were viewed differently.  Some cultures define family different, things as simple as toilet training, disposing of the dead. All these things I have always assumed were universal, but it seems that they are not.  The views on incest is the one that caught my attention the most, some cultures find it acceptable to allow fathers to marry their own daughters (Labarre 1954)(page 56), or mother's having sex with their sons to remove a curse (Albert 1963), some cultures even require that brother and sisters marry one another (Beals and Hoijer 1965)(page 56). However there are some culture that are even more extreme in the taboo than our culture and they see 7 out of 8 women ineligible for marriage (page 56)  These are things that not be acceptable in our cultures.  I find these customs really odd and uncomfortable in some cases, I could never picture what makes these cultures think that incest of any kind is ok. I feel really sorry for the kids in these cultures they grow up thinking that this is the normal way of life. Several Sociologists have researched why these cultures behave this way, they are not in agreement, some think genetics play a part and some think the environment play a roll. Each culture still has ideal and real culture, just the definitions are different for each culture.
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