View the Changing American Family Video

Topics: Family, Stepfamily, Mother Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: June 12, 2011
View the Changing American Family Video
This dialogue will expound on the changing American family video. Considering the ways the writer might be interacting with blended families or how it might impact the writer future career. The writer will select a family form that is unfamiliar and select another form, which would be assessed once in a professional career. The writer would be able to identify the statistical characteristic or a major statistical change / trend and associated issues of family form. America's family has undergone a revamping over the past several decades. “According to 2000 Census figures released at the end of May, the American family is changing in dramatic ways.” Some things to consider: The number of families headed by single mothers has increased 25 percent since 1990, to more than 7.5 million households. For most of the past decade, about a third of all babies were born to unmarried women, compared with 3.8 percent in 1940. The number of single fathers has also increased; single fathers now head more than two million families. If you have watched television commercials for minivans, you might think that the traditional All-American family was still intact -- Mom, Dad, dog, and the 2.5 kids buckle up and drive off every day on TV. But ads (depending on your perspective) are either selling aspirations or guilt: This is the family you're supposed to have, supposed to want. In real life, in big cities and in smaller towns, families are single moms, they're stepfamilies, they're boyfriends and girlfriends not getting married at the moment, they're foster parents, they're two dads or two moms, and they’re a village. The change in the makeup of the American family is the result of two primary factors. First more babies are being born out of wedlock, and second, divorce rates continue to climb so that nearly half of all the marriage contracts are broken. The overall attitude towards relationships and commitment has shifted. The writer...
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