View of Children Throughout History

Topics: Education, Teacher, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: April 25, 2012

The views on children and their development and learning have evolved throughout history. In the 1600’s children were thought to need harsh religious teaching, strict guidance of virtues and morals. John Locke and Johann Amos Comenius, argued against the harsh educational theories. During the 1700’s the view on children shifted to a more romantic view, more harmonious methods of teaching. More playtimes was introduced, as was the introduction of hands on experiences. At that time Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi valued Mothers as a child’s first teacher.

During the 1800’s Kindergarten was born from the theory that infants and early childhood needed to be separated. There was a strong emphasis on infants staying at home with the mother, as thought she was still the best first teacher. During that era working-class mothers needed a place for her children while she worked, thus day nurseries emerged. In the 1900’s, scientific methods of education replaced the strict religious teachings. The understanding of diversity and the effects on development surface during this era.

Throughout history the status of families in society played a big role on the evolution of education. During the 1800’s when mothers started in the work place, day nurseries were created as a safe haven for children. However, almost consistently throughout history the mother was thought to be the most favorable first teacher of children. A mother has a profound effect on the influence of success of education in a child’s life.

The main goals today for American educational programs are to provide children with culturally responsive practices. Throughout history the approach to programming that supports the understanding and respecting of cultural diversity has evolved into a requirement. As our society strives for social equality, we have realized that it is needed in education as well. Understanding a child’s background will ultimately give you as a teacher the tools needed to give the child...
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