Vietnamese and Australian Education

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Comparison and contrast essay
Australian And Vietnamese Education
Australia and Vietnam are the two countries located on different continents. In fact, the educations of the two countries also have some similarities as well as differences. If someone wants to study abroad in Australia, he can make a comparison and contrast analysis before making the final decision that whether he should go or not. Let’s start with the similarities. We can see that both education systems of Australian and Vietnam have twelve grades, from 1 to 12. Also schooling is compulsory for students until the age of fifteen. After finishing general education, almost students in Australia go on their studying at TAFE (Technical And Further Education) or colleges or universities and so do Vietnamese students. Furthermore, both Australia and Vietnam have public school which are co-educational, with boys and girls encouraged to participate equally in class. Despite the similarities, the two educations have some very important differences in system division, kinds of school, school-time and studying. The first major difference between Vietnamese and Australian education is the system division. Let’s begin with the basics of Australian education system. Initially, there is preschool (also called kindergarten), which started when you are five. The following year, a year called prep is done and then primary school goes from grade 1 to 6 and secondary school from grade 7 to 12 (however, in some states secondary school starts in grade 8). In Vietnam, we have kindergarten for children from three or four months to the age of five. Then, with general education we have primary school (from grade 1 to 5), middle school (from grade 6 to 9) and high school (from grade 10 to 12). Another obvious difference that we can see from these two educations is the kinds of school. In Australia, you can choose to have your children educated in public (state...
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