Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War
Ericka Davis
History 135


One of the most critical outcomes of armed conflict is the impact on societies. Armed conflict has far-reaching effects and substantially impacts societies. Below is a list of conflicts the United States fought after 1918. •Choose one (1) conflict from the list below:•World War II •Korean Conflict

•Vietnam Conflict
•Cold War

•Analyze two to three (2–3) major consequences the conflict had on United States’ society. (This Question is not answered in this essay at all so please answer it in some detail using and use examples.)

•How did this war affect American sensibilities, including the way Americans viewed the war and themselves?
The connection between the student unrest and the Vietnam War was about students expressing their rights about the draft. This is when all young men had to sign up but not want to go to war. They protested it also because college was for the rich children or white children. So that meant that the only people were going to war was young blacks and poor students. Many people did not believe that this war was a threat to the United States security. This war had many people is an up roar because they did not believe in it. The death tolls and public outcry made people feel that the war was responsible for it. This also was a reason that the United States objected its involvement. During the protest many students were killed for their involvement. This happened at Ken State University in 1971 which made the people in the public hate war even more.

•Was the outcome of the war beneficial or detrimental to the United States (or a combination both)?
(Change the wording to match the question and add a little more to completely answer the question) The student unrest not only was about the draft but also having...
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