Video in the Digital Marketing Mix, It’s Importance in Building Brand Awareness Online

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Video in the Digital Marketing mix, it’s importance in building brand awareness online
For a long time people were trying to use the internet to do things that it simply was not capable of doing. Often, in the past, we have been able to optimize processes and improve conversion by reducing the complexity of the multimedia on the site.
Viral marketing is now one of the most powerful ways to market online. This is what the Internet was designed for, multimedia as mainstream. This has come about primarily because of the adoption of broadband.
Entertaining or provocative videos can quickly become viral, being shared by tens or even hundreds of thousands of viewers, most of them connected through online social networks. However, it is important to understand the nature of the environment in which video clips are most widely distributed and shared.
If you simply add a video clip to your site or blog, and to YouTube, you will be taking advantage of only a small fraction of the opportunity that exists.
In the same way that you optimize your web sites and blogs for the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, you also have to optimize the presentation of your video clips in order to be found through searches within social network community sites.
This process is called Social Media Optimization, or SMO.
Social Media Optimization is the process by which you optimize your online presence to be more visible through searches within online communities and community web sites.
It is like SEO for social network sites. It is how you make your sites, videos, podcasts, RSS feeds and blog entries more visible and searchable to tens of millions of people who are connected through sites like MySpace, YouTube, Del.icious, Technorati, Reddit, Facebook and dozens of others.
• Traditional "connectors" for static sites comprise linking strategies and search engine marketing.
• Social network "connectors" include use of bookmarks, tags, RSS feeds, trackbacks, reviews,

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