Video Gaming Industry
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Wu Tong
English 102
Research Proposal

Video game is beneficial

My research paper will be focused on supporting Video gaming as a beneficial activity. I will support my thesis by illustrating how video gaming industry is trending through the years and creates countless of revenue and enormous amount of job opportunities. Apart from the economic gains, video gaming creates extra common topic between peers and friends. This helps enhance social interaction by simply playing the same game. Video gaming had evolved to a point where professional gamers are becoming more and more common. The introduction of e-sports generates a new platform of emotional, intense, passionate competition to participate in. It is also a new entertainment for audiences who are not interested in traditional physical sports. Apart from listing and elaborating the benefits, I would rebut the opposite point on video games hurting people’s social and physical attributed.

As a male heavy gamer like myself, I am really sick of being labeled as some pathetic never grown up man. People keep blaming the video games are being the root of many problems. They also accuse video games for being the main reason that results to the “demise of guys”. Poor academic results are video games’ fault. Lack of social interactions is video games’ fault. As a heavy gamer and a student, I am confident to say that its not the games to blame! I would like to find evidences that support video gaming as something beneficial. I also want to know if the correlation that people suggested such as poor academic results and poor social skills are really correlated to video gaming.

The 10 potential sources that I may use are the followings:

Rev3Games. “30 Years in the Making: The Evolution of Video Game Design - Adam Sessler Interviews Mark Cerny.” Online video clip. Youtube. Youtube, 3 May. 2014. Web 22 July 2014.

Vitelli, Romeo. “Are there any benefits in Playing Video Games?” Psychology Today.

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