Video Games Influence on American Youth

Topics: Violence, Aggression, Video game controversy Pages: 4 (1052 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Joseph Waits
Professor Longoria
WRC 1023.059
4 Feb. 2013
Influence of Video Games on American Youth:
Corruption or Improvement?
Parents across the nation are dumbfounded with the amount of violence and sexual content that lies in modern video games. Companies such as Microsoft and Sony are selling millions of copies of video games every year; with the quality and graphics getting better, children are continuously exposed to gore-filled violence. Enraged parents believe that Xbox and Playstation are the ones to blame for their child’s disruptive and troublesome behavior. However, regardless of race, age, gender, or religion, it is the parent’s responsibility to approve or disapprove what games their children are playing. The massive corporations behind the games aren’t at fault; the blame belongs to the game itself. As a result, video games have a negative influence on American youth because they promote an unhealthy lifestyle, they encourage physical aggression, and they contribute to emotional complications.

Overall, video games promote an unhealthy lifestyle for American youth. Video games have been clinically proven to cause sleep deprivation, dietary irregularities, and time consumption conflicts. “Play time” was once considered when friends got together and had fun in the sun. Nowadays teens “play” by picking up plastic controllers and staring at a TV screen for endless hours. Gaming has induced an epidemic of laziness; which has consumed gamers, causing a major lack of personal ambition. Not only have kids become incredibly lazy, but they’ve also isolated themselves from being involved in group activities like sports and clubs. Health concerns are of up most important; those who replace exercise with video games are often overweight and most likely regret their decisions when they’re older.

Living an unhealthy lifestyle is fallacious due to many reasons. An unhealthy lifestyle means more illness and more money spent on treating those illnesses....

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