Video Games: Good or Bad

Topics: Video game, Video game controversy, Video game genres Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: April 3, 2014
Three thug-looking dudes are approaching a man. In a split second, there will be booms and bangs. Enough with the storytelling, as you might have guessed it will all lead to blood.

Now you can imagine the same scene: three thug-looking dudes are approaching the same man. Then the man will have to make a split-second decision—which needs the man’s thinking brain—to survive the journey. If the man fails, he will repeat the scene. To succeed, he must develop and experiment with alternative tactics until he gets through that puzzling problem. And there comes the blood.

The opponents of video games, including anti-violence activists and some parents and educators, imagine the former when they hear the phrase “video games”. The latter is pictured by the proponents of video games, which include gamers and the addicts. The dawn of these pros and cons can be attributed to the increasing number of gamers, which accounts to around 500 million people around the world, according to Jane McGonigal, a game researcher, in her 2010 TED conference. Additionally, according to NPD research, consumer spending in the game industry in 2012 has reached $20.77 billion, the amount slightly more than the total Afghanistan production in the same year. Now the debate continues: are video games good or not?

The first yell against video games is about the amount of violence in our video-game contents. The California law defines violent video games as “a video game in which the range of options available to a player includes killing, maiming, dismembering, or sexually assaulting an image of a human being”. While not all video games contain violence, allegedly the best-selling games are the most violent ones. The violence in video games is not benign. A study conducted by Douglas et al from Iowa State University in 2014 shows that children repetitively playing violent video games are prone to aggressive ways of thinking and behaving. Furthermore, another research by Taylor and Francis...
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