Video Games - Good or Bad for Society

Topics: Video game industry, Game, Reality Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Has it ever occurred to anyone to look at how much time and money is being wasted in an industry that prides itself on the entertainment it provides, the video gaming industry? The problem is not the industry itself, but the types of games it is creating. Too many games have become graphic, sexual in content, and quiet aggressive. These games are not only infesting the minds of the adolescent communities, but people of all ages. The addictive nature, real life plots and incentives rewarded throughout seem to connect with players on a personal level fulfilling an illusion that life is better in a virtual world, where the only rule in most cases is the need to survive. Society needs to take into account the addictive nature of video games and change its regulations because it affects an individuals’ health negatively, increases aggressive behavior, and lacks the social interaction necessary for happiness.

In general, the addictive nature of video games is a
Video games not only affect people psychologically, but sociologically as well. With video games there is no real social interaction or face-to-face connection being made, other than the concept that a computer is a person. Without a social aspect to life, children are more likely to develop into anti-social adults, who trust no one. If reality is based on a game, ther rules of the game will become the guidelines to life. In games, when people are angry most will kill things, so how will this affect the decisions of people whose realities are only game based? The social aspect in life is one of Maslow’s ideas for the basic needs for humans, in order to survive and find happiness in life. Without the satisfaction of other people’s acceptance, children will develop low self-esteem. Those with low self-esteem tend to look down on themselves, always comparing themselves to people around them. Low self-esteemed people are very lonely depressive people. Maslow says interaction and approval help people cope with...
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