Video Games and Violence

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Video games are electronic games, used for entertainment, that involve human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device. There are variety forms of video games: arcade, computer, console, handheld, mobile, online and flash games. Video games were created for varied purposes, to inform, entertain, persuade or stimulate. These video games can have varied types of gameplay, from puzzle to action to adventure. Action games have been the most popular type of video game, especially the fighting and shooting aspects. The result of this has led to the global controversies about the intensity of the violence that young people, ages as early as 8 years old, are exposed to in these forms of video games. A mass population of adults believes that these intense video games are detrimental to the emotional, social, and physical well-being of young people. There are those who blame the government for limiting the amount of sex and violence young people are exposed to in video games and others who believe it is the job of the parents to place the restrictions on their young people. Some individuals claim video games reduce violence by serving as a safe outlet for young people to express their aggressive and angry feelings, rather than taking it out on each other. There are those who also argue that there are other factors that can cause these hostile behaviors. According to Fam (2002), violent video games have been linked to antisocial and aggressive behavior in young people and adolescents, although other factors such as family disruption and parental abuse or neglect are more predictive of youth violence and delinquency. There are studies that have reported that violence in video games and violence behaviors among young people are linked, while some studies reported that video games do not cause violent behavior and should not be blamed for violence.

History and Background
The history of video games can go as far back as...

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