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Video Games and Violence

Oct 08, 1999 300 Words
The person doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy he or she shouldn't be allowed to play video games, listen to radio and/or watch TV because of all the violence that occurs. If people want to do what the hero or heroine in the game is doing, let them. In every game the position you take is the good guy meaning you have to save the world, along with the humans that live on the earth. None of the games have the objective as killing humans, instead the goal is to kill zombies, monsters, witches, wraiths, etc.<br><br>The people who don't want violence in video games should try figure out something that could replace violence. You can't replace violence with friend-ship; if the goal of a game is to make friends will it get profit? I doubt it. For example, take the game named after the big, purple dinosaur, "Barney", this game was barely sold or lost money because the goal was to learn how to spell and count. Another game in the same situation is "Barbie" and the goal of this game was to find objects to help you solve a puzzle.<br><br>No-one can say that video games can definitely cause homicides after all "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." From the first video game to the last video game has violence in it and just because the graphics of the video games improved since 1989 doesn't mean that they cause people to act in violent ways. A person should also know the difference between reality and fantasy while playing video games. The people who don't want violence in video games should submit something that can replace violence to video game companies.

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