video games and their violent impact

Topics: Video game, Video game controversy, Nonviolent video game Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Bryan Alvarez
Journal #2
English 1B
Dr. Khaw-Posthuma
Videogames and Their Violent Impact
Violent videogames have always had a giant target painted on their back. They are always on the chopping block when a violent crime is committed in the real world. There are many videogames that put you in the role of a mass murderer or a gun wielding exterminator, but are videogames really the ones to blame for these violent acts? In the essay “Gore for Sale” written by Evan Gahr violent videogames are being stigmatized because of their violent gameplay. These violent videogames are not responsible for any real crimes and do not have a significant impact on the player, they are just that, games.

Gahr’s introductory sentence expresses a setting of violence. “Fresh corpse litter the ground. Blood is everywhere. Victims moan and beg for mercy” (559). Gahr then explains how these sentences seem like a real life situation, “a horrific scene from the Littleton, Colorado, shooting” (559) but the words he uses are actually describing a video game. He uses intense imagery that gives his readers a strong tone in “Gore for Sale.” Video games have become much more fierce, sexual, and violent than they ever have before. Gahr gives many examples that lead up to his point, which cause his essay to be effective. Gahr uses examples of different video games that use violence, such as Duke Nukem (559) and Doom (560). Gahr shares, “In Doom one of the most popular among violent games… their limbs sometimes dangling in the air…” (560). This paragraph expresses Gahr’s thoughts about “Doom”, a new well liked video game. He clearly shows a negative tone towards the game. He also shares how the manufacturer of Doom expresses “ You don’t just play Doom- you live it” (560). The author follows this claim with a sentence stating, “ You certainly do” (560). He is showing his tone in this sentence by agreeing with the manufacturers’ statement. The sentence seems to make readers believe he thinks...
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