Video Games

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Video Games
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8 January 2013
Professor Douglas Foster

The video games industry has been through a total transformation in recent years. We can easily find in the market a wide range of video games, such as computer games (PC), console games or even interactive games with various contents. Video games industry had its annual revenue growth rate of 9.1% ranking itself as the 3rd fastest growing segment of the Entertainment and Media market (Pricewaterhouse Coopers, 2007). Especially, within the industry home video game consoles played an important part in contributing to the national economy. Besides talking about the benefits of playing video games, some critics also criticized the bad effects which video games had caused to each of individual person and to the entire society. Do video games take responsibility of all the problems involved in interacting with the computers? The intention of this report is to represent, analyze, and critically evaluate this dynamic global industry based on its benefits and drawbacks from a scientific perspective.

Video Games
The history of video games development is a long and intricate story. Up to now, games industry has been climbing to its peak and becoming one of the biggest commercial field. Besides, video games are becoming common entertainment. Therefore, video games importance in economy and lives is undeniable. Nonetheless, the answers for the controversies whether video games impose consummate or dreadful impact on people, especially children, have not shown up yet for a long time. However, playing video games is a two-sided affair. No one can tell if it is good or bad. If played at an appropriate time and in an acceptable period, video games are such beneficial tools. Otherwise, they can become the sharpest knife shorting your time and limiting many abilities. History of video games

Video games were developed long time ago by an engineer worked in the US military. The first game had it function with a simple game engine, the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) technology. In 1950s, video games were created some were created, giving people a way to entertain. Tennis for Two was the pioneer in the sport game segment. The game contained a "tennis ball” bounces off a horizontal line at the bottom of a oscilloscope screen, with a vertical line in the center of the screen representing a tennis net (BMI Gaming, 2002). Players controlled the game with a small handheld metal box equipped with a dial and a push button. It was important in the history of video games as being one of the first electronic games to use a graphical display. In the second generation 1970s, game industry was then strongly developed with the exist of famous games such as Odyssey, the world’s first home video game system and Pong – a huge success of Atari which was the best-selling during winter season. Pong quickly became a huge hit and its success led to the start of the modern video game industry as we know of today (Michael, 2005). The Golden Era of Video Games was a time of great technical breakthroughs and game design creativities in arcade games. Video arcade games were designed in a wide variety of genres. This era also saw the rapid spread of video arcades and game rooms across North America, Europe and Japan. Today’s video games transform to be complex and graphically realistic. They are not just the childish stuffs anymore, with more game-playing adults among their intended audience. With strong configuration, nice graphics and interesting gameplay, the evolution of gameplay devices including Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii will lead the game industry to a new generation of video games. Overview of game industry

Every year, the game industry brings lots of profit to the national economy. Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) predicted that the game industry would...

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