Video Games’ Good and Bad Effects

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Good things about video games

Many wonder if there are any good things about video games. The question becomes even more prominent when you think about children and teens, who might spend more time playing video games than going outside. And then there are adults who develop video game addictions. Sometimes these addictions could lead to problems with employment, relationships and other aspects of life. 

However, despite all these things, I still say there are many good things about video games, regardless of who is playing. True, while everyone needs to have a life beyond the Xbox, video game entertainment is generally very positive. Through video gaming, you develop the following: 

1) Eye-Hand Coordination - When you're thinking about some of the good things associated with video games, this tops the list. This is particularly the case for young children, who still need to develop their motor skills. Interaction with the controller teaches them how to coordinate their movements.

2) Fitness - Thanks to the Wii, the Xbox Kinect and similar devices, video games can be controlled by more complex body movements. If this is done over a long period of time, video games can actually help a person lose weight. In fact, there are even games dedicated to fitness. They offer the same workout as any aerobics class. 

3) Problem-Solving Skills - Many games on the market will not let you progress unless you solve a puzzle. How the puzzle manifests itself will depend on the title, but most are designed to test a person's deductive reasoning. 

4) Improved Reading - Although the reading is not as intense as a book, it is still more detailed than what you see on television. 

Bad things
Video games can be bad for you, but not for the reasons you might think. They're not bad for you because they'll make you violent — because they won't. However they can be bad for you for other reasons. Here's a look at the top 5 reasons why video games can be bad for you....
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