Video Game Violence Leading to Juvenile Delinquency

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A.Evolution of Video Games
Video games originated from the development of electronic games. William Higinbotham was said to be the inventor of the first electronic game, Tennis for Two, by many.A similar game was then released on the Magnavox Odyssey, the first home video game console by Ralph Baer.

The game Spacewar!, a computer game by Steve Russell, was adapted by Nolan Bushnell and turned it into the first commercially sold arcade game, Computer Space.

The first major video game company, Atari, was eventually launched after a release of an arcade game named Pong which was based on Table Tennis.

Nintendo, A Japanese Company, introduced better quality control standards and released its first handheld console, the Game Boy.

After the release of Mortal Combat which shocked citizens with violent game play and gory graphics, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) was established for recommending appropriate age ranges for players.

Through the development of computers and storage capacities, three-dimensional game graphics were then introduced. Increases in computing power also encouraged designers to make the first strategy and simulation games. Players were also then able to play with each and against each other with the growth of computer networks.

Personal computers continued to be useful for social gaming especially with the creation of The Sims, a game that allowed players to create profiles and share them with other players through the Interrnet and the development of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG’s) which World of Warcraft is one of.

Remarkable graphic detail and depth was shown in games through the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Play Station 3.

Unique motion-sensitive controllers were introduced with Nintendo’s Wii console which could make people have physically active game play. Microsoft added something to the Xbox 360 which could enable players to use just gestures and their voices to play a game, a high-tech sensor called Kinect.

Controllers shaped like guitars and drums were used in popular music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and they allowed the players to act as if they were playing an instrument along with a rock song of their choice. B.Purpose

As we all know, the people of today are very exposed to video games, children and adults. We have conducted research on our topic to inform people of different aspects of this activity. In our research, we state the negative or some positive effects of video games and their characteristics that lead to these effects and other helpful information about video games.

Through all of this research, we want to encourage people to be more careful of what they are doing or to open up people’s awareness to what simply playing video games can do to us and so that they can spread the word and control the exposure of violent video games to children and even to some adults who have become addicted to playing video games.

Through awakening the awareness of the human race to the effects of playing video games, life would be more peaceful and safer for every person.

We also conducted this research to bring back the idea or purpose of video games in the first place. Not to convert peaceful and happy children to savages and delinquents but to entertain, educate and to even give “bonding time” to different people from your family and close friends to even a kid in the same room.

II.Nature of Violent Video Games
Violent video games have plenty of things that would unnerve plenty of people or make them feel queasy. Some violent video games focus on blood and gore. To explain further, there are depictions or showing of blood deformation or loss of body parts. These games are usually the ones involving zombies and games where you can cut off or blast off one individual body part. Some games even exaggerate the blood squirts when showing something of death in the game.


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