Video Game and Young People

Topics: Video game, Addiction, Electronic game Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: July 13, 2010
It is known that we are living in technological era. Video games have become one of the favorite time-spending of young people all ages, and even some adults. Moreover, video games are unbelievably complicated and that shows just how deep the connection between people and technology. (Cooper, 2010) However, addiction to video games, one of the main problems has been brought by modern technology. According to Byron Review (2008), a government-commissioned study, it is clear that even in the lack of a diagnosable addiction, many children and young people do show excessive game plying behavior. This essay will present some solutions in order to solve that problem and then evaluate the solutions in a proper way.

Video-games designers have produced different kind of games for different ages. It is generally agreed that some of those games have violent, so parents should make sure to select right games for their children to avoid violent problem. In other words, there are label out side each video-game box that shows containment, it is called the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Young gamers who feel depressed with their lives are expected to behave aggressively. Besides addiction, aggression and violence form part of the ongoing debate about the influence of gaming on impressionable minds. When two students killed twelve pupils and a teacher in the Columbine High School shooting in the US in 1999, many believed that their common interest in playing violent games had helped to trigger the massacre. (Maguire, 2008) In addition, there are online games, which allow the player to play and communicate with other people around the world by connecting to the Internet that my cause isolation. For instance, some young people would rather communicate through the internet than communicate face-to-face in real live.

The main problem in this essay is addict young people to the video game and the consequence for that destroy their live. According to Gentile...
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