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The following video discusses internal storage. The optical store is the most obvious storage is the optical drive. An optical drive is 5 and ¼ inches wide. The DVD writer is the most common optical drive. All drives have common features, a laser, a servile motor and a spindle. A disc drive functions by reading the various little bumps on the pits. The hard drive of the computer follows 3.5 and 2.5 in dimensions. Hard drives have very similar features but replacing pieces is difficult. Mechanical hard drives spin at 7200 rpm.

The following video is about displays and the most common type of computer monitor is the LCD model. Sizes range from 17 inches to 30 inches and it is composed of a liquid crystal matrix and a black light. Moreover, the most popular type of LCD panels is the TN or IPS panels. The viewing angle is the biggest difference between both. Also, a black light in the LCD screen is what provides the actual brightness. However, most screens are using LEDS as backup sources of light providing more powerful lights. Finally, packing more pixels means that each pixel in the screen will be smaller.

In this video it is possible to learn about input devices. The keyboard and mouse are the standard input devices. In addition, keyboards come in numerous shapes and sizes but certain features must be standardized such as the position of the letter. Also, infradiation requires a direct line of sight. Also, cordless devices use radio frequency (RF) and can reach of range to 30ft. Additionally, it is important to know that touch screen technology can be used as pointing devices. Finally, the standard resolution for image quality of scanners starts at 300 dpi.

The following video talks about the operating system. OS is a piece of software use to accomplish tasks on the computer. Currently, there are 3 popular forms of operating systems for home which are windows by Microsoft, Mac OS by Apple and Linux for many software companies. Pursuing this...
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