Victorian Era Literature

Topics: Victorian era, Victoria of the United Kingdom, Social class Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: November 17, 2009
Queen Victoria Reigns After the Romantics
From the romantics, to queen Victoria; it was a time of great social struggles for the poor. Yet a different story was occurring for the middle class, the higher classes where in a time of “relative political and social stability” (Gray 783). These conditions helped shape and greatly impacted the novel writing of the era. In the midsts of the reign of Queen Victoria, the poor went through a time of great struggles, however reforms were occurring, and an industrial revolution took place. Social changes and undertakings played a great role in the writing and themes of the novels of the era. After a time of transition from romantics to the Victorian era a “novel [was] a realistic portrayal of society” (Victorian Age 1). Society’s growing emphasis on humanitarianism along side of the social conditions contributed to the novels and the realization of poverty during the Victorian era. In the beginning of the Victorian period, Victoria started her reign as queen of England; as England was in the middle of an industrial revolution (Fletcher 1). The revolution had a great impact on England, making it “the richest nation in the world” (Fletcher 1). Even though this great nation was doing so well, things were not always going the best in this era. Since you can not ignore and pay no heed to the existence of the poor in the midst of this prosperous nation. And England did well since these lower classes, to an extent, where not ignored. For “the middle and upper classes awoke to some extent to their duty to the poor, and sympathetic benevolent effort, both organized and informal, increased very largely in amount and intelligence” (Fletcher 1). The analyzing of the previous statement let us know that “the middle and upper classes” realizing and paying attention to the lower classes enlarged their knowledge (Fletcher 1). With this “intelligence” the “popular education, too, which in 1830 had no...
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