Victorian Era

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Victorian Style

With the year 1837, England saw the beginning of its change in history. The Regency era had ended as England’s new Queen, 18-year-old Victoria took the thrown. This new era is mostly known as the beginning of the Victorian era, which was obviously named after the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria. She was one of the first monarchs to see her name given to the period while she was still alive. She reigned from 1837 until she died in the year 1901, which marked the end of the era. This age marked a time of rapid change and developments in every aspect of society. There were medical, scientific and technological changes that helped with the mass boom of economic stability and population growth. Most importantly, technological changes gave way for mass production, which helped with the transformation in architectural style. Along with new architecture, a new social class system came into effect and led the way for new communities.

In the year 1840, Queen Victoria married her husband Albert and this was believed to be the year that really sparked the heyday of the Victorian era. There was a development of new machinery which began to help with the mass production of furniture and housing parts. The structure of furniture began to become more elaborate in detail but was no longer created by craftsmen but by machine, which helped with lightening the work load for workers. There were some drawbacks to this because the quality of design was starting to decline. The clean Grecian lines of the Regency period were no longer in favor of the people, and everyone was starting to want furniture that machines could make. By the 1850s, furniture began to have lower prices which caused a sacrifice in the quality. Along with furniture, the housing styles changed. They houses began to have pointy tower roofs, lots of molding, flashier colors, shingles, and lots of wallpaper. Rooms within the household paraded with wallpaper print. Since these...
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