Victoria Secret Essay

Topics: Victoria's Secret, Woman, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (1292 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Allayah Carr
Professor Crystal Shelnutt
English 1101
September 20, 2012
Victoria’s Secret
Victoria’s Secret embodies the idea of Sex Sells as their main type of advertisement. They use beautiful young women to sell their product. Victoria’s Secret models have a distinct level of curiosity and allure that has a certain magnetizing effect on the consumer. This magnetism goes further than the undergarments itself. A recent advertisement from the lingerie company proves that the lingerie is just a prop. In the ad there is a billboard with Erin, a Victoria Secret Angel, who appears to be naked with a bar that is able to be scanned over her breasts as well as a caption that says “Reveal Erin’s Secret.” Once the barcode is scanned the image reveals Erin in a Victoria’s Secret bra with a new caption that reads, “Sexier than Skin.”It implies that Victoria’s Secret undergarments is sexier than skin. The ad uses the model to portray sex to sell the undergarment. Victoria’s Secret models uses allure to push the idea of good versus bad to sell their product. The physical appeal of the models makes Victoria’s Secret the main company in the lingerie business because they have a charisma that is desirable. In fact the models are not just models: they are angels. Victoria’s Secret models are portrayed as angels to symbolize the perfect woman: beautiful, charming and in this case wings to symbolize that they are simply divine. In the ad, Erin has pink feathery wings which are a modern play to what we know standard angel wings to be. Usually when the thought of Angels come to mind, purity and white wings come to mind. Victoria’s secret uses beautiful woman in lingerie and an assortment of different colored wings to display their interpretation of an angel. Sexy young women who are scantily clad wearing wings are not exactly the pure image that should come to mind as Angels. However, thanks to Victoria’s Secret that is exactly what people think of now. Victoria’s Secret has...
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