Victims of Joe Keller in "All My Sons"

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All My Sons Expository Essay

In the American tragedy, All My Sons, the characters become victims of Joe Keller’s actions. After learning of Joe’s lies, each character is left to deal with the stark reality of the truth. Out of all the characters, Joe impacts Steve, Ann and himself the most.

Steve, Ann and George’s dad, is impacted by Joe’s lies very severely. Because of Joe’s cowardliness, Steve is left to take the blame. Because Steve is forced to take the blame, he is thrown in jail for over three years. This affects Steve in three important ways. Firstly, Steve is fired from his job, which means no income for his family. Because of the crime and lack of money, Steve’s family abandons him and never visits him in jail because they believe he committed a horrendous crime. Lastly, because of the betrayal, Steve becomes very bitter while in jail. This leads him to seek revenge on Joe. For example, when Joe brings up Steve while in a conversation with George, George says, “He hates your guts, Joe. Don’t you know that” (Miller 305)?

Joe also affected Ann with his lies. Ann is impacted very harshly by his decision. At the end of the tragedy, Ann chooses to live a life with Chris and the Kellers, rather than side with George. Because she chooses this over returning to her family, George deserts her. After Chris learns of the truth, he cannot bear to start a life with the daughter of the man whom his own father betrayed. Because of being so distraught over the fact that his dad killed the 21 pilots and led to the death of his brother, he leaves Ann. For example, Chris states that he could never start a life with Ann now that he knows that his dad lied (Miller 311). Because of this turn of events, Ann now has nowhere to go, all because of Joe’s lies.

Lastly, and most importantly, Joe impacts himself more than anyone else with his lies. Once Kate finally tells the truth and explains what Joe did, everyone turns on him. Chris is so angry at his father; he begins...
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