Topics: Domestic violence, Non-resident Indian and Person of Indian Origin, Abuse Pages: 8 (2846 words) Published: December 11, 2014

K. Samatha*


Man and women are born equal and both play vital roles in creation and development of their families in particular and the society in general. Women is not only a bread distributor but she is also a bread winner. she is working shoulder to shoulder with men. A women role in her family is very significant. She behaves as a daughter and sister then she becomes wife and after that a mother, In all these capacities ,she has to fulfill vital responsibilities in maintain peace in the household and shaping the future of the family. The family expands to become a society and thus women’s role is also extended automatically. Even in the ancient, Indian women held a high place of respect in the society as mentioned in Rig-Veda and other scriptures. Volumes can be written about the status of our women and their heroic deeds from the Vedic period to the modern times. But later on, because of social, political and economic changes, women lost their status and were relegated to the background. Many evil customs and traditions stepped in which enslaved the women and tied them to the boundaries of the house. Marriage is an institution in our society, In sociologists view real life begins with marriage only, hence the tragedy of a marriage-break up- divorce to say precisely is considered to be a sin ,as per our traditions. Domestic violence is still on the increase and becoming more bold direct. Some of the legislative and judiciary processes are showing positive signs but they are not sufficient enough. Violence against married Indian women by their NRI husbands which were earlier restricted to isolated cases has now become a major social problem. This issue is of recent origin because of its sensitive nature and family influence; no rigorous efforts have taken place. Moreover, these women do not speak about the violence or crimes they have been subjected to, because of social stigma attached to the divorced or deserted women. Besides, they want to protect their family life. The author focus the paper on how the Indian women face violence by their NRI husbands with few examples and what steps have to be taken by her if she was subjected to such violence.


The history of mankind reveals that women is and has been the foundation stone of a family in particular and the society in general. women has been given a position of pride in every religion. Women enjoyed a position of high esteem in Rig-Veda period. No function of signicance could be completed without her participation. A folksong of eastern UP says, “Let my daughter be married in a family where she will be swinging on a swing all the time”. A rich girl’s stereotyped ambition is that after marriage she should have nothing to do but sit on a comfortable mattress and chew betel1,off course this does not happen in all the cases thus violence against women is an old phenomenon. Women are always considered weak vulnerable and in a position to be explained violence has long been accepted as something that happens to a women. Education has not brought an increase in awareness only a shallow superiority2. Domestic violence has many names including intimate partner violence, spouse abuse, domestic abuse, marital discord ,women abuse, marital strife and so on. A definition of Domestic violence used by some legal professionals is the emotional ,physical, psychological or sexual abuse perpetrated against a person by that person’s spouse3. Generally the meaning of Violence includes abuse and include any sort of physical aggression or misbehave.In broad terms, it includes threats, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, controlling or domineering, intimidation, stalking, murder, all cases of criminal violence, dowry death, wife battering, sexual abuse, and eve-teasing, forcing wife/daughter-in-law to go for feticide, forcing etc are issues which affect a...
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