Victim vs. Creator

Topics: Responsibility, Individual responsibility, Linguistics Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: October 30, 2013

Ms. Rodriguez

SDEV 11-12

October 22, 13
Victim Vs. Creator

Prompt: “We all use victim language at some point in our lives.  Using what we discussed in class about victim vs. creator language, write a two-paragraph journal entry showing how you can use creator language in your life.  In what ways do you use victim language?  How can you turn it around with creator language.  Use the link below to write or upload your response.”

In class we discussed about Victim Vs. Creator. While be taught this I was thinking I have been in both positions before. But what these both have in common is that it takes responsibility. Responsibility is the foundation of success. “The essence of personal responsibility is responding wisely to life's opportunities and challenges, rather than waiting passively for luck or other people to make the choices for us.” I really like this quote because I could relate and put this quote into action. Everyday I have decisions to make whether it be that I get up for school early or if I decided to hang out with friends and I knew I had major assignments due. If I get ready for school on time I am able to get ready and be there on time without rushing, if I didn’t get up on time I probably wouldn’t be as prepared. And the second example, I am guilty to say that I have been in this position many times before where I chose hanging out than doing homework. Yes, I did get my work done, but rushing and not fully doing the assignment to my fullest potential was not fun. So what I learned is that we should make those creator decisions. If I am ever in a victim situation, I always think of the consequence that I might face. If I understand and accept my responsibilities then I am able to create my desired outcomes regardless of the obstacles I go through to get to my goal. Also, if we change our perspective we are able to impact the decisions we make daily. What also helps with a creator’s behavior is to see everything in a positive...
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