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Vibram Skate Shoe

Executive Summary
Vibram FiveFingers was released in 2006. Vibram FiveFingers skate shoe is aimed at men skaters age 12-24. We are striving to provide a solid skating shoe for the skating community within the United States. At Vibram, we plan on getting our brand out publicly by sponsoring professional skaters and getting into skating movies and skating videogames. In 5 years, we plan on moving our company forward by selling 100,000 pairs of Vibram FiveFingers Skate shoes within our first year of release.

Mission Statement
Our goal at Vibram FiveFingers, is to deepen your connection to the earth and your surroundings by offering an alternative to traditional footwear. Wearing FiveFingers is more than fashion statement. It is the commitment to slow down, feel the earth beneath your feet, move with a purpose, and PLAY.

Vibram recent history and successes
2005-Released the prototype of FiveFingers
2006-launching of Just for Me collection
2007-Vibram celebrates its seventieth anniversary and starts the construction of a new Technology Center at Canton, in China. The site is provided with state of the art infrastructures, including a futuristic Performing Test Center equipped with the latest research instruments. 2008-Performing soles with maximum grip to unlock your world. It starts from the snow sports the new Vibram ad campaign which remarks the importance of having a perfect control of all the surfaces under your feet. Go anywhere and do everything, let the world be your oyster by trusting your gear and footwear. 2009-As a symbol of Vibram’s commitment in research and innovation, the Vibram China Technological Center opening was celebrated on April 9th with Chinese and Italian political and business representatives and authorities. Empowered by cutting-edge structures and outstanding Performing Test Center, equipped with the latest research instruments for new products to be developed and tested, the Center has the mission of expanding the range of Vibram technologies and reinforcing the cooperation with other companies, building a true network of qualified partners.

Environmental Analysis
Competitive Landscape
Mature industry
New arrivals vs fading rival
Athlethic shoe 30% of shoe sales
Nike & Adidas dominant
Casual shos 40% of the market
15% men
25% women
Product Innovation
Rapidly changing tastes
Important to continually offer better products
Improving comfort and performance
Long-term sustainability hard to achieve
Important Metrics
Comparable-store sales key measure of revenue
Often referenced within stock commentary
Measures top-line growth at the existing store base
High fixed costs
Comparable-store sales will dilute
Inventory levels
Growth is positive
Sharp decline
If profitability at hand
Focus on companies with healthy growth
Lean cost structure
Efficient inventory management
Upmost important
Maintaining consumer demand
Achieving economies of sales
Marketing Functions
Strong supply chainmanagement
Increasing distribution footprint

The company does not have any laws restricting their production The company does however have a couple of lawsuits still in process due to consumers having issues with their feet from running/not being properly educated Legal & Regulatory

Brand Protection
Merchandising underscores
Sourcing and Distribution
Social responsibility
Manage complex supply and distribution chain isssues
Mergers and Acquisitions
Labor and employment

Competitor analysis
Some of our major competitors within the skate shoe demographic are DC shoes, Element and Vans. DC shoes- As one of the cornerstones of its marketing strategy, DC has built a world-class team of professional skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX,motocross and rally athletes that exemplify and enhance DC’s...

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