Vetting and Barring

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Vetting and Barring

As part of the new coalition agreement, 2012, the government committed to reviewing and reforming the vetting and barring scheme and criminal records regime. It ensures there is a continued service to help safeguard vulnerable groups, including children and young people, from those who work or volunteer with them who could potentially pose a risk of harm, whilst operating in a way that reduces the burden on employers and better respects the civil liberties of the individual. Changes indentified in the review commenced on 10 September 2012, and the Home Office issued a leaflet, 'Changes to disclosure and barring: what you need to know' for settings to use. The provisions also mean that the services of the Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority have merged and a single, new non-departmental public body created. The new organisation will be called the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The planned operational date for the DBS is December 2012. This means that there will be only one organisation dealing with checks and barring decisions. The definition of regulated activity will change. In broad terms it will be ‘unsupervised’ contact with children or vulnerable adults which is of either a specified nature (teaching, training, care, supervision, advice, treatment or transport) or in a specified place (schools, children’s homes and hospitals, juvenile detention centres). It also includes:

* Occurs ‘frequently, intensively and/or overnight’
* ‘frequently’ is defined as once a week or more, but once a month or more for health and social care services; * ‘intensively’ is defined as four days in one month or more. * Overnight is defined as between 2.00am – 6am)

* There will be new requirements to check employees and volunteers before they commence regulated activity. In most cases this will combine an enhanced CRB check and a check of the barred lists. * CRB certificates will in most...

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