vertigo years

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Matthew Flecke
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The book “The Vertigo Years”, by Philip Blom, is an ambitious book. It’s a book that assesses the European Cultural, social, political, and spiritual changes that permeated the first fifteen years of the Nineteenth century. Each of the fifteen years is given a chapter of its own that begins with a defining event. Many of these events portray the similarities and differences we have learned about in our lectures. Throughout this essay, I will delineate the advancements in each of gender relations, nations and nationalism, and lastly, social and political struggles faced by early Nineteenth Century Europe and how it defined those years leading up to the first World War. As portrayed in “The Vertigo Years” and class lectures, there is a newly found deeper understanding of gender relations. Women in Europe had growing political roles. The origins of Feminism were a new train of thought that brought enlightenment to many. Feminism had an overall major influence in English- speaking countries and a lesser position of importance in overall Continental Europe. Women first took to the poles in Finland in 1913. Some of the major feminist issues were women’s legal standings and their education. Women’s suffrage was also a sensitive topic debated for in new women’s organizations. Socialists were one of the strongest supporters of women’s rights while on the other hand, Conservative parties were one of the stronger opponents of women’s rights and did not wish to see them succeed. Liberal parties had close ties to feminist relations but didn’t have much of an effect on its successes because they were reluctant to help make a change. Some of the early feminists in this time period were Louise Otto-Petus who was an influential Democratic Activist for women’s rights. Marie Goegg was also an influential Feminist who formed the first women’s suffering group known as the International Women’s Association. Without...
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