Veronica Mars: A Cop Show that Breaks Free

Topics: Veronica Mars, Police, Middle class Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: April 18, 2008
Veronica Mars is a show about a young woman and her ability to help her father, Detective Mars, solve cases. In this case, she is trying to figure out who killed the dean of her school, and will stop at nothing until she does so. Her strong female force and her outside-of-the-norm characteristics prove that not all television series involving cops can be ruled as the same, despite the opinion of Stuart Kaminsky in his article “The History and Conventions of the Police Tale”. Although certain concepts and stereotypes are found in the show, such as representation of race, Veronica Mars proves to be a “cop show” that breaks free, or at least attempts to, of the definitive idea of many shows in the media.

Veronica Mars and her father seem to be of the middle class. They live together and it seems a maternal figure is missing her life. This could explain her almost masculine persona. The majority of the people in the show seem to be middle class as well. This may just be a simple part of the storyline, but it also may be a strategy to attract the viewer. Logistically, many lower class families are unable to afford a television, or they do not have enough leisure time to do so. Middle class families are sure to own at least one set, if not two or three more. The show is also on the CW, a channel that people are able to view without cable. Many upper class members of society although not all, are known for looking down on television and choose instead to get entertainment from fine arts such as opera and theatrical events instead. It is therefore safe to say that the majority of people who would watch this show are middle class and would inevitably recognize the connection between their own and Veronica’s family. However, in the real world, all three classes exist and should be displayed in order to make a more believable setting.

The episode opens in one of Veronica’s college classes, a room filled with Caucasian young adults and being taught by a Caucasian...
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