Verble & Non Verble Communication

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Assignments - Marks Allocation Breakdown
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|Setting the scene | |Introduction and issue analysis | |Exposition | |Directly addresses the question | |Uses a wide range of information drawn from course material to address the issues | |Uses a wide range of information drawn from other sources (journals, articles, etc) to address | |the issues | |Contextualises the learning to the workplace | |Quality of conclusions and recommendations implemented | |Data collection and qualitative analysis/literature review | |Originality | |Attempts original research and analysis, creative and challenging insights to balanced | |perception | |Structure and presentation | |Logical sequence with sections well linked | |Good flow and clarity of presentation | |Balance between text, use of charts, diagrams, headings, sub-headings, etc | |Professional business-like style | |Compliance | |Word count | |Submission on time |

My topic of choice is Verbal and Non-verbal Interpersonal Communication

I will assess each below

8 A) Verbal InterpersonalCommunication

Verbal Interpersonal Communication uses language as means of communication between cultures. In languages, there are set of rules about the use of words in the creation of messages. The usage of language in interpersonalcommunication can be either spoken or written. Below are some features of a language or connected with language:

a) Phonology - sounds of language

b) phoneme - smallest unit of sound, example; cat, tdk - why is cat correct but not tdk, English has 45 phonemes (ch, th)

c) Morphology -smallest units of meaning, example, morpheme, happy, happiness, unhappiness

d) Semantics -study of meaning of words, the understanding of vocabulary in order to function in a language. There are two types of meanings in languages: i) denotative meanings - public, objective, legal meanings of words ii) connotative meanings - personal, emotionally charged meanings For example, What does test mean to you?

e) Syntactics -relationships of words to one another, word order

f) Pragmatics - effect of language on human perceptions and behaviors

g) Translation - transfer of written verbal codes between language, has time

h) Interpretation - oral process of moving from one code to another

Examples of Language

Language follows culturally determined patterns which influence thinking. Some examples:

- English is linear, Arabic combines ideas through conjunctions, hard to discover main idea when translating into English. - England, Ireland, Canada, USA - all speak English, is it the same? - Arabic “inshallah”, intonation, Arabic uses exaggeration, overassertion, repetition, elaboration, 10 words for English, 100 words for Arabic. - Writers Shakespeare used 34,000 words, today a...
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