Verbal Judo

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Verbal Judo is a 138 page book, written by George J. Thompson, Ph. D. and was published in March 2004. It is classified as a nonfiction, personal growth, self help and communication genre. Verbal Judo is based on the art of words and how to utilize them in various situations, in everyday life. The following three chapters left an impression on me; chapter two: The Language of Guidance, chapter four: The Language of Persuasion and chapter eight: The Language of Enforcement. They remained me of situations that have occurred in my own personal life, while I was growing up. This book has opened my eyes to think and solve problems from a different perspective then I would have done so before reading it.

In chapter two: The Language of Guidance talks about how to reason with people. The main character Mike, meets Mrs. Shirley Martinez from the state Department of Environmental Protection. While Mike is waiting for this appointment with Mrs. Martinez about discussing a topic that involves a friend of Mikes, he can’t help but over hear a conversation that is taking place in another office cubicle. The voices sounded like a young boy and an adult woman. The two voices were discussing the expense of buying a vehicle. Mrs. Martinez’s son wants to buy a vehicle because he thinks it will solve their problem with getting him to his sporting games. He also tells his mother that he doesn’t think it is fair that his friend just got a vehicle. Then, Mrs. Martinez informs her son that their family does not have the money to afford a vehicle right now. Her son would like to borrow $500.00 from his college fund, in order to buy a vehicle and he offers to pay it back. Mrs. Martinez understands her sons reasoning and asks him to do some more research, to see how much money he has available to spend on the vehicle after expenses. While Mike is waiting for his appointment, a young boy runs pass him. At the same time the woman’s voice Mike had been hearing in the conversation tells Mike “Sorry to keep you waiting. Won’t you come in?” Mike had set up his appointment in order to speak to someone about a friend that is not incompliance with state environmental laws. Also to discuss how Mrs. Martinez helped an angry man over the phone, and how she was able to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Mike was looking for some help with how to persuade a friend of his how to make the appropriate lawful changes but still avoid court. Mike was not there long when the young boy appeared in the entrance to the cubical Mike was in. The boy was Mrs. Martinez’s son and wanted to talk to her about the research he had done on the vehicle. Mrs. Martinez excuses herself to speak with her son. Mike could still hear their conversation from earlier about the vehicle, but now the boy seemed hurt after he had gathered information about buying a vehicle. He told his mother that he would only have $400.00 to spend after the registration and other expenses. Mrs. Martinez said in a sympathetic voice “I hope that will be enough.” As the young boy went on he also spoke to his mother about adding the vehicle to their insurance plan. Mrs. Martinez explained to her son that is not how insurance companies work and that would have to figure insurance in to his money to be able to buy the vehicle. The boy said that this would only leave him with $250.00 to buy the vehicle and “How can I get anything with that”. Mrs. Martinez told the boy to go back to the beginning of this problem and explore all of his options. Angrily the boy replied with “I need a vehicle”. She told the young boy that there might be a solution that you might not have considered and that she would help him with, later that night when she got home. The boy left again to go to his friend’s house that had just got the new vehicle so they could finish the rest of a game. Mrs. Martinez returns to the cubicle where mike had been waiting. They start their conversation off with how her son wants...
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