Verbal Communication Versus Texting

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Verbal Communication versus Texting

Despite the technological advances over the past twenty years in the field of communication, verbal communication continues to be the most effective way to converse. Verbal communication allows you to express yourself more effectively. Although, in recent years verbal communication has been replaced with texting, there remains no substitute for the personal approach of speaking with someone directly.

Verbal communication, either over the phone, video chat, or in person is less likely to be misunderstood. The reason for this is most people can verbalize there sentiments much more easily, allowing them to communicate there more clearly. Various characteristics, such as, body language, facial expressions and vocal tones are definite indicators of how the person is feeling at the time when communicating in person or by video chat. Texting can potentially be misunderstood as the reader cannot properly assess the mood of the person who is ending the message. A statement that is meant to be humorous can be taken seriously, and conversely a serious comment can be taken casually, leaving the reader and sender with a misunderstanding. An area of equal detriment is that the texting is limited to your writing skills. If the sender cannot express themselves well with writing, the reader can become confused or misinterpret what the sender is trying to say. This will cause a breakdown in communication and could quite possibly end in an argument. The use of acronyms can also be very confusing for those who do not text frequently. I have found that I get confused quite often because I do not utilize texting as often as others and I am not familiar with the multitude of acronyms that are used.

Verbal is a much more personal way to communicate. People are inherently much more comfortable speaking with someone directly, able...
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