Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications

Topics: Attention, Nonverbal communication, Attention span Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: June 29, 2013
Miguel Rivera
Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

They say we are our worst critics, but how can you critique yourself on nonverbal cues you're not even aware of? Critiques can always be used for positive. They help you improve mistakes to ultimately be better. And who better to ask than your audience?

Sometimes I speak so fast that my mouth gets ahead of itself. Sometimes my mouth moves faster than my thoughts do causing me to have to go back and repeat myself to remember where I was going with my story. Im a very sarcastic person and my humor is very dry, which confuses some people. They have a hard time understanding what I mean by things that I say. I understand I have this issue, but it’s very difficult for me to change the way I talk.

I’ve also been told that I use “Uhm’s” and “Ah’s” a lot along with “you know” and “like”; the reason for this being the fact that I want to make sure the people I’m talking to are following my story. Sometimes I forget to keep a conversational tone when reading my speech or presentation. It gives the audience the feel that I’m not prepared and it turns people off. It seems like I wasn’t ready for my presentation.

Another problem I have is that I forget to keep eye contact with my audience. I tend to read my paper and keep my head down. I tend to feel awkward staring at people in their eyes if I don’t know them. It makes the audience feel as if I’m not confident in what I’m saying. It turns off the audience and makes them not want to hear me out anymore.

Sometimes I catch myself losing track of my own story because I’m too busy paying attention to another conversation. My buddy told me, If you are having a conversation, focus on the other person. Don’t think about what you need to do the next day. Don’t think about other people you want to talk with. Don’t just wait for your turn to speak. If you focus and listen, other people will do the same. Which makes complete sense to me, because if the person you’re speaking...
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