Verbal and non-verbal communication

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Your close friend Georgia has been in trouble recently and her grades have been dropping. Georgia is arguing with her family and feels like no-one cares. Your friend has begun skip lessons and has stormed out of maths because she couldn’t do the work. Staff, family and friends are beginning to worry that’s things are getting worse. Your friend has been in a fight at school and is having boyfriend troubles. As a worried friend you are going to meet up with Georgia and will approach her with the aim of understanding how Georgia feels and trying if possible to help her to improve and get her back on track. Your friend will need to feel that you are on her side.

Communication skills
Eye Contact
Listening skills
Body language
Tone of voice
Don’t talk over the top of them
Facial expressions
Ask Questions
Where you will meet and why
We will meet at my house where she feels relaxed, safe and comfortable. I will also make sure that no-one is in the house so it’s only us two there and no one will be listening.

Which communication skills I used well
We used eye contact
I had good listening skills
I took all of my friend’s advice.
How I can improve my communication skills
I can improve my communication skills by no laughing and try to keep a serious face. Barriers of communication
The Barriers of our conversation were:
There was background noise, so we couldn’t concentrate as much We kept laughing, so it put us off the conversation

Different Ways of communication
Verbal Communication
With friends
At school
Hair Dresses
Non-verbal communication
When talking to people with a disability
Written communication

Rachel: Hii, How are you?
Georgia: not bad been better
Rachel: why what’s up?
Georgia: I think Jeremy’s cheating on me
Rachel: oh with that Grace?...
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