Verbal Abuse

Topics: Law, Abuse, Human rights Pages: 4 (941 words) Published: August 13, 2014
Deguit, Kara Therese T.
Ybañez, Gabrielle Eliza S.
Ms. Lauro
English 9
17 March, 2014
Why the Law on Verbal Abuse Should Not Be Implemented

Is abuse limited to the scars that only the eyes can see? As the common saying goes, “There is more than what meets the eye.” What is verbal abuse exactly? Verbal abuse includes labelling, name-calling and being offensive through words towards a person. Verbal Abuse can greatly affect a person’s emotional and mental stability which creates pain and anguish. There is a wrong notion that this type of abuse is the least harmful that is why law makers have created a bill with regards to verbal abuse. Implementation of the law on verbal abuse may be an open gate to false accusations, misinterpretations and beat the law to its purpose. Laws are supposed to be a strong foundation in our country but people tend to go beyond its boundaries and make these foundations look fragile, brittle and these people would overpower the laws. These are supposed to protect one’s right from abuse and violations but instead it is the one being abused and misused. Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan passed the Republic Act 9344 better known as the Juvenile Justice Welfare Act of 2006 which states that persons 15 years old and below cannot be imprisoned even for heinous crimes like rape and murder. The minors that constantly commit crimes just break free after the police determine their age. They tend to use this law as an escape from getting imprisoned, which means it doesn’t matter if they commit these acts. Verbal Abuse is generalized as a form of attack in which it disrespects and disempowers your whole being with that it doesn’t really have a specific definition to what it really is therefore abuse can fall on a lot of situations. This law can be used as an escape for those who don’t want to deal with certain problems or issues that they are experiencing and going through in life.

Words that have said and written by the persecutor might...

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