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I chose Veracruz because it borders 7 states of the Republic and three native cultures are still inhabited there. Veracruz is also very big and has many people there. (71.699 km ² and population of 7,110,214 inhabitants).

Now, it’s time to look a little closer at this city and what it offers. Fill in the chart below to help organize the information you have found during your Internet investigation. You will be using this later, so be sure to give thorough information!

Información: Founded by Hernan Cortez.

Atracciones: beautiful beaches and carnival an annual celebration featuring music, dance and spectacular parades. The prehistoric city of El Tajín is one of Veracruz’s most fascinating archaeological sites.

Restaurantes: La Capsantina. Villa Rica. Mardel.

Hoteles: Noray. Balaju. Meson Del Mar. Bello.

Choose one of the hotels you found, and do some research on the categories listed. Complete the chart below with the information you have found.

Habitaciones: 10

Todo Incluído: 2 bed, a mini fridge, a pool, shower & bathtub, cable tv, air condition, closet, room service. (All Inclusive)

Facilidades y Servicios: room service. Pool.
(Facilities and Services)

Tarifas : 130 for a double room a night.
(Prices, rates)
En pesos mexicanos

Now, it’s time to put everything together to write about your stay in Mexico. Write a paragraph of at least 10 sentences in Spanish about your stay in the city and describe the hotel of your choice. Use words from the vocabulary that we studied and write it in the preterite tense. Use the following questions as a guide in your writing. You composition should include responses to 7 of the 10 questions listed below. ¿Adónde viajaste?¿Dónde comiste?

¿Con quién viajaste?¿Qué comiste?
¿Qué llevaste? ¿Cómo pagaste la cuenta?
¿Qué necesitaste en el hotel?¿Qué visitaste?
¿Quién subió las maletas?¿Qué compraste?

Viajé a Veracruz, México.
Comí en el...
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