Vera Drake

Topics: Vera Drake, Mike Leigh, Social class Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: April 25, 2007
For the first time I watched the British film in 2004 Vera Drake which is directed by Mike Leigh, I did not finish it because the kindness of middle age woman with smiley face seems to be annoying. With paying no attention to Vera's happy and decent world, I have missed many things in the film as I stop watching it. As researching for journal assignment for British Cinema, I had decided to watch it closely one more time. Since the scene of police arriving at Vera's house for the issue of illegal abortion, the film magically makes me stay with it while the feeling toward the main character as she is my elder relative who emotionally faces problem is created which being a part of her family makes me finished up the film.

Vera Drake is a story of a working class woman in London who represents the conflict between decent values and social mores in 1950 under the issue of abortion which also links to the class structure in British society. There are many people both back then and now think of the back street abortions and the abortionist as the immoral. The film presents the issue with openly arguable without taking stances or preaching the audiences. It actually dramatically portrays the importance of family and faith within people. The film successfully reveals all themes with director's improvisation technique and the role of leading female character in the film. In this essay, there are discussions about the conflictions and themes as well as the filming of director and the main characters since by combining these together the film become one of the best British film.

According to Mike Leigh, the movie is about the present even though it is set in the post war Britain, many issues in the past can be linked to the modern day. The first one is the morality versus legality with there is an argument whether what Vera does is a saint or a sin. The intellectual mystery is that what causes a plain woman to risk her life to challenge the state. The...
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