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Topics: Viking, The Balcony
Course: 3117HSL Facility & Venue Management.
Assessment: 1 - Facility/Venue Design Analysis.
Name: Zen Nakamura-Vincent
Student Number: S2803171
Due Date: 12th/April/2013
Tutor: Liz Fredline

Currumbin Surf Life Saving Club (Currumbin Beach Vikings)

Source: Walkinonwater

1.0 Design Context.
The Currumbin Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) as a whole is a well-designed multi storey local club, due to its modern but ‘beachy’ looking design traits, which reflects the surrounding up market area perfectly. The club has a capacity to seat around 200-250 guests from its sports bar to dining area. The club is situated in a prime spot right on top of Currumbin rocks resulting in undisrupted views of the Gold Coast. 2.0 Design Analysis 3.1 External Design Features.
The club is constructed with concrete with the exterior of the club consisting of 3 colour blocks white, light tanned brown and dark green (representing Vikings). From the car park only the side of the building can be seen with top half Light tanned brown and bottom dark green. This colour scheme that can be seen from the car park does not look welcoming, as it is dark, boring and bold. From the beach and the ocean the whole club can be seen utilising the white paint on the external area where there is open plan windows and large balcony.

The Surf Club site is on Currumbin beach with the club structure expanded on top of the rocks giving the club a competitive edge over most other clubs as it the closest to the surf and has undisrupted views of the coastline. Joined to the club is a large tall rock called ‘Elephant Rock’ which has been utilised quite strategically as a look out, which is another unique asset for the club. Apart form this large natural structure the surrounding space is undisrupted as the houses and shops are across the road from the beach.

The general area of

References: Currumbin Beach Viking S.L.S.C Website. (2013). Retrieved from: Elephant Rock [Image]

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