Venture Concept

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Venture Concept
Geri Rowland
University of Phoenix
Kent Moser
December 24, 2012

Venture Concept
Venture concept is business idea individual search to venture to profit big. New business idea takes more than just launching the new idea in hope its target consumer accept and support it and call it a success. Venturing out new business idea is a high risks to take because no one knows for sure if the targeted consumer will accept the new business idea; therefore planning for success takes more than just the idea. It takes intensive planning, researching, and preparation before the targeted consumer experience the new business idea; a formula new business owner will need to follow to start a new business. Understanding the meaning of venture concept is important to know, including the new business idea to venture and comparing new business idea to similar type of business already out in the market. Defining Venture Concept

Venture concept, according to Business Dictionary is a,
Start-up entity developed with the intent of profiting financially. A business venture may also be considered a small business. Many ventures will be invested in by one or more individuals or groups with the expectation of the business bringing in a financial gain for all backers. Most business ventures are created on demand of the market or a lack of supply in the market (2013, p. 1). If the new idea is accepted by investors or entrepreneur the development of the new idea will begin and all supporting cast will help develop and market the new idea to profit financially. Food retail industry, for example, specifically bake goods is continued to become a consumer demand. Fresh bread, rolls, pastries, and cakes are products consumers seek in a daily basis. Innovative bakery goods and services consumer seek are just what the new venture concept of Love 4 Sweet business is about to start. Introducing New Business Idea – Love 4 Sweet Company

Starting up new company, such as...
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