Venice, Italy

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Essay on the tone and the language of the text "Italy"

First of all, this reading text is a from a woman's experiences when she was in Venice, Italy. She describes lots of Venice's attractions, atmosphere, and also about her own feeling as she travel. As for the tone of this text, I can say that it is in a positive tone. Words that I uses to describe this positive tone are amazed, joyful, enjoyable and also mysterious. Even if this text is in positive tone there are lots of words and quotes that are negative, such as "...hobble into the darkness" murderer, curses, or even threatened. She used those words in purpose to rise the audiences' attention and their curiosity up since the audiences might be wondering why she is using such words in a journal of her adventure in Venice. While reading this text I can see that it has got lots of implied meaning throughout the text, those words above are the answer of the implied meaning in this text.

Those words that represent the implied meaning showing that this text is not in the purpose of writing a travel journal of a person but the purpose of entertain, advertise and even persuade the reader to come and visit Venice. I gave out five evidences of her purpose of advertise while reading it. It has such sentences like ":this was high spirit. Human, energetic, timeless...I'd waited forty years for this," this sentence can show that Venice is such a valuable place to travel since she'd waited forty years for it. "I was gazing into the past. Venice is time travel," this is to hint the readers how they should imagine Venice should looks like when it's saying that it is a time travel into the past.

Furthermore, is that "The top of the Campanile in San Marco had disappeared into the fog," this can show that she is describing not just the weather, but she also include the exact name of where it is and this is very in an advertising mode. "I hurried into Florian's...chocolate as thick as tree resin...its bittersweet...
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