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For my 250 word document I have chosen Venice. The reason is that my parents visited Venice for their honeymoon and the way they have discussed it to me it makes me, want to learn more on it and be able to get locals and customers to travel to Venice, making it a big selling point. Venice has a rich and diverse architectural style, the most famous of which is the gothic style. Venice has become a thriving sea port by the 13th century which has last just over 300 years and known as the Venetian Empire. Since the 4th century people have lived in Venice, Venice is just situated to the north right of Italy, on the cost of the Adriatic Sea. On average the city of Venice has up to 50,000 tourists a day attracted with Venice separated by canals and linked by bridges hitting the list as world heritage site with its beauty of artworks and setting of architecture. The city is often threatened by flood tides pushing in from the Adriatic between autumn and early spring this can also have an impact on tourists and accommodation effected by the tides. There are plenty of available boat transfers to people’s accommodation from Marco Polo airport. There is surprisingly one train station in Venice Venezia-Santa Lucia approx 15 minutes from St Mark’s Square and is situated on the Grand Canal. Venice is relaxed with its traffic-free streets. The best way to travel around Venice is on foot with its outstanding small scale city and foot bridges. From research and customer’s advice and reviews the ‘Top 4’ things to see whilst staying in Venice are; Grand Canal – The Grand Canal is outstanding for its main waterway of the city but also to watch superb scenes from daily Venetian life. Doge’s palace- The doge’s palace is an opulent and magnificent palace that once held the official residence of just under 120 doges who once ruled Venice. St Mark’s Square- Is situated central of the city, known for a great focal point of the city. Rialto Bridge- With its unique...
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