Topics: United States, Petroleum, Venezuela Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: March 19, 2007
Venezuela is a tropical caribbean counrty on the northern coast of South America. It contains 23 states, which are then split into ten regions. Venezuela was first sighted by Christopher Columbus who named it after "Little Italy" since it reminded him of the waterfront in Italy. Its official language is spanish, and its population of 25,375,281 people consist of Spanish , Italian , Portuguese , Arab , German , African , indigenous people.

This beautiful country is well traveled and toured by many from all over the world. They seem to be a very popular place for shopping in the fine boutiques, eating at the restaurants and of course site seeing ( One of the best places to visit is Angel Falls, the 3,212 foot worlds tallest waterfall.

Hugo Rafael Chávez is Venezuela's 53rd president. Being the current president, he was re-elected in 2000 making promises to help the poor, illiteracy, malnutrition, disease, and other social problems in the country. Some think he is evil and trying to take over the world. He has been accused of interfering in other county's elections and their political contracts. Economy of Venezuela is mostly based on their crude oil supply, although they do also export things like steel and aluminum. Many other countries depend on the crude oil from Venezuela, including the United States. Venezuala is the fifth largest crude exporter in the world, and supplies only about 13 percent of daily oil imports to the United States which makes them our forth largest supplier. They produce about three million barrels of crude oil each and every day, however they only export about 75 percent of that. ( Venezuela is a founding member of OPEC, which handles the prices and quantity of oil that is pumped to other places. From what I have read, Venezuela depends on selling crude oil for its livelyhood. This puts them in a bad position....
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