Topics: Ethics, Discrimination, Business Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Name: Jessie James Tan
Course: BS-IM
Title: Business Ethics Ethical Concepts and Cases 3rd.ed.
Author: Manuel G. Velasquez
Book No.: HF5387V441993

(Book Review8)

Chapter5 (Ethics and the Environment)

“As the earth in a short few decades becomes twice as crowded with human beings as it is now, and as human societies are confronted with dwindling resources in the midst of mounting accumulations of wastes, and steadily deteriorating environment, we can only foresee social paroxysms of an intensity greater than any we have so far known.” Reaction:

This quote is about the environment that we are in today. It is said that in a number of years the world will be full of humans and that the resources will be less and also we will see that the environment will be near its end. If we won’t act now the future world will be a waste full of people living in it. Such companies are trying to make income but do not think of the things that he has done to the environment. There are those plants and factories that create waste that ruins our environment. There must be an action to take so that the environment will be saved. Companies can gain income and not harm the environment. They must think and act ethically for the future world to be saved. Chapter summary:

This chapter is about the proper way of thinking of the environment and being ethical when it come to environmental issues. The environment today is fast fading it is because of the people who do not think of what they are doing to the environment. Companies make living do not care what happens to the surroundings. The companies should act ethically so that they would think to themselves that what they are doing is unethical. The companies must take into consideration the environment and the products that they are creating doesn’t leave any waste behind it must be 0% waste. If people will not act soon then there will be no more environment to have.

Chapter6 (The...
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