Veggie Connection

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Like every classic games, Veggie Connection focuses on simplicity of gameplay and replay value of the game. Veggie Connection centers on a group of icon, each icon representing a vegetable where the player must arrange the icons in groups of 3 or 4 or 5 in either vertically, horizontally or in an “L” or “T” shaped position. The game’s logic is to arrange the icons representing a certain vegetable and into groups to accumulate points. The game will run on mobile android platform.


In Veggie Connection, luck, skill and foresight will be tested as there will be different combinations that will be presented to the player. The icons and it’s arrangement at the start of the game will be provided at random. With each combination that the player makes, the grouped icons will vanish and a new set of random icons with the same number of the grouped icons that the player made will be provided. When the player grouped the 3 icons there will be no power-up that will be provided. If the player grouped 4 icons, a power-up that can eliminate other icons either vertically or horizontally depending on the orientation of the grouping will be provided and will have a higher score than the score of group of 3. In addition to that, “T” and “L” shaped groups with 5 icons will yield to a bomb like icon that can eliminate other icons around it. We will use C# language for programming and other multimedia software such as CS5, Adobe and Paint.


Our game will be based from the game “Candy Crush”. Candy crush’s game play is having different levels and will present different challenges to the players. It would also a feature a life for the players to have and it will diminish every time the player failed to finish a level. The life will be replenished every 10 minutes. As the player progresses into more levels, the difficulty of the task will be greater and its objectives may...
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