Vedic Mathematics

Topics: Numerical digit, Harshad number, Real number Pages: 5 (618 words) Published: August 23, 2011
The Basic Course covers the following topics:

Complements by Vedic formula “All from 9, last from 10”

Subtraction using complements

Addition of numbers

Left to right addition
By “addition and subtraction”
By “elimination and retention”

Operations with “Unit base number 1”

Multiplying 2-Digits numbers ending in 1
Multiplying 2-Digits numbers beginning with 1
Multiplying 2-Digit numbers by 11
Multiplying 3-Digit numbers by 11
Multiplying 4-Digit numbers by 11
Multiplying a number by 22, 33, 44 etc.

Unit Base Number 1

Multiplying by 111
2-Digits by 111
3-Digits by 111
4-Digits by 111
Multiplying by 222, 333, 444, etc.
Multiplying by 1111
Multiplying by 2222, 3333, 4444, etc.

Complement numbers

Multiplying by 5 (Unit base 10)
Multiplying by 25 (Unit base 100)
Multiplying by 125 (Unit base 1000)

Magical number 9

Multiplication by 9
Multiplication by 99
Multiplication by series of 9
Division by 9

Digit Sum or Digital Roots

Digit sum of any number
Casting out of 9
Casting out numbers adding to 9
Divisibility test for 3 and 9
Using Digit sums in checking Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

Multiplication by “All from 9, last from 10”

Base method multiplication
Below base 10
Below base 100
Below base 1000
Base method multiplication
Below base 10
Below base 100
Below base 1000

Multiplication below and above base
One number below 10 and one above 10
One number below 100 and one above 100
One number below 1000 and one above 1000

Vedic formulas “Proportionately”

Multiplication with sub-bases 50, 250, 500, etc.
Multiplication with any sub-base
With same 10s digits and unit digits adding to 10
With same unit digits and ten’s digits adding to 10

“Vertically and Cross-wise” multiplication

2-Digits by 2-Digits
3-Digits by 3-Digits
4-Digits by 4-Digits

Vedic formula “Addition and subtraction”

Multiplication tables on fingers
Table number 9
Table number 8
Table number 19
Table number 18
Writing any tables
Nine point circle and tables
Checking tables with digital roots

Squaring by “Various Vedic methods”

Squaring by “Base method”
Squaring by “Vertically and crosswise”
Squaring by “Duplex method”

Squaring “Special numbers”

Squaring numbers ending in 1
Squaring numbers ending in 9
Squaring numbers ending in 5
Squaring numbers beginning with 5
Squaring numbers between 25 and 50
Squaring numbers between 50 and 100

Squaring by Vedic formula “Yavadoonam”

Squaring 2-digit numbers near sub-bases
Squaring 3-digit numbers near sub-bases

Multiplying 2-digit numbers by formula

Differing by 1 of sub-base
Differing by 2 of sub-base
Differing by 3 of sub-base

Square root by Vedic formula “By mere observation”

Pattern in square of a number and its square root
Square root of 1-digit and 2-digit numbers
Square root of 3-digit and 4-digit numbers
Square root and digital roots

Square root by Vedic division

Divisibility tests

Divisibility test for number 2, 5 and 10
Divisibility test for 3 and 9
Divisibility test for number 4
Divisibility test for number 8
Divisibility test for number 6
Divisibility test for number 7
Divisibility test for number 11

Division by complement numbers

Division by 5 (Unit base 10)
Division by 25 (Unit base 100)
Division by 125 (Unit base 1000)

Division by “Nikhilam formula”

Division by 2-digit number
Division by 3-digit number

Division by “Transpose and apply”

Division by 2-...
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