Vedic Mathematics

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“What The Ancients Knew That Can Help Anyone Achieve Better Grades In The Math Class”



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This book introduces the unique and extraordinary system of Vedic Mathematics, a system that has a unity and simplicity that is mostly missing in our modern ‘system’.

If you have seen the book “Fun with Figures” you will already be familiar with some neat methods of calculation that are really striking. But these are only a part of a much larger system, indeed the Vedic system covers all of mathematics, both pure and applied.

In this book you will see some of the techniques in “Fun with Figures” extended and developed, and also many things not shown in that book. Here you will see illustrated all of the sixteen Sutras on which the system is based. You will need to study the material carefully but once you see the idea being introduced at each step you will find that the methods are actually very easy and quite natural. • • • The Vedic system is simple and direct – you get the answer usually in one line. The Vedic system is flexible – you will see how to calculate from left to right as well as from right to left, for example. The system gives a choice of methods, so that you don’t have to rigidly apply the one ‘correct’ method. This leads to increased creativity and adds to the fun of doing math.

This is therefore all of immense practical value, quite apart from increasing your mental agility and confidence, improving your memory and enabling you to do quick and efficient calculations when you need to.

By the time you finish the tenth chapter you should feel you have a good grasp of this beautiful system of Vedic Mathematics: “Mathematics with Smiles”.


About a hundred years ago the scholars in the west discovered the Indian Vedas: ancient texts in their millions containing some of the most profound knowledge. In fact the Sanskrit word ‘Veda’ means ‘knowledge’. They found Vedic texts on medicine, architecture, astronomy, ethics etc. etc. and according to the Indian tradition all knowledge is contained in these Vedas.

The age of these Vedic texts is disputed, tradition telling us that oginally the Vedas were carried on by word of mouth, by pandits who recited the texts exactly and passed them on to their children.

However certain writings that were entitled Ganita Sutras, which means mathematics, were not found to contain any mathematics and the scholars rejected them saying they were nonsense.

Now a brilliant eastern scholar, Sri Bharata Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960), heard what was being said about the Ganita texts and determined to uncover the mathematics in them. Between 1911 and 1918 he studied the texts and eventually was able to reconstruct the system that had been lost long ago.

He discovered that all of mathematics is governed by just sixteen sutras or word-formula (and some sub-Sutras), and he showed some really amazing examples of their power and versatility. He wrote sixteen books (one on each sutra) but these have been lost. In 1958 when the loss was confirmed he wrote an introductory book, which is currently available (Reference 1).

Recent attempts to reconstruct the system from this book have led to an upsurge of interest and the Vedic system which being taken up by researchers, teachers and others all over the world.







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